Brand impression
Brand Impression
SNOWSON entered China in 2020, adhering to international quality standards including Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in China and CGMP related standards in the United States. We adhere to high-quality material selection and rely on strict and advanced supply chain management and quality inspection systems to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards. The SNOWSON series of products meets the strictest regulatory standards in the world, and also provides customers with sincere and trustworthy consulting services, as well as a series of...
High quality origin
Surprise from New Zealand
Quality raw materials
Rich Orchard Forest Direct Harvesting
High quality pasture
From Sunshine Ranch in New Zealand
Deep-sea raw materials
Extracting raw materials from deep sea
R & D capabilities
Company Profile
Global Pharmaceuticals is an innovative multinational biopharmaceutical group company headquartered in California, USA, closely related to bioengineering technology from its inception. The company has world-class biotechnology and is engaged in scientific research in fields closely related to human health, such as clinical medicine, nutrition and health food, and biotechnology. Global Pharmaceuticals has multiple subsidiaries worldwide, located in Europe, the United States, and Asia; We have collaborated with enterprises from over 50 countries and have established three core production bases: ...
Health care products
Health products