Brand impression
Brand impression
Snowson entered the Chinese market in 2020. It abides by the international quality standards including China good manufacturing practice (GMP) and American CGMP standards, adheres to high-quality material selection and relies on strict and advanced supply chain management and quality inspection system to ensure that products meet the highest quality standards. Product quality and safety is the cornerstone of Snowson's foothold and development.Snowson not only meets the most stringent regulatory and production standards in the world, but also provides...
Acerola cherry, Brazil
More natural source of vc
NMN  Enzymatic catalysis of NMN in vitro
More advanced scientific research front end end
North American blueberry original fruit
More pure origin of raw materials
Theanine & aminobutyric acid
More scientific formula compatibility
Company introduction and research and development technology
GlobalTech Pharmaceuticals is a multinational corporation with keen innovation, headquartered in California, USA, with the world's top level biotechnology. It is engaged in scientific research in clinical medicine, nutrition and health food, biotechnology, beauty and skin care, which are closely related to human health. It has many subsidiaries and strategic partners all over the world, which are distributed in Europe, the United States and Asia. It has also carried out cooperation projects with enterprises in many countries and has three core production bases: GMP production plants in the...